Crossy Road Android Game Review

Crossy Road Android Game Review

Crossy Road is the famous and profitable endless arcade game from the game generator Hipster Whale. This Android game if so addictive, you keep coming back to play it. With this game, players are in control of a chicken which tries to cross highways and rivers to go as far as it can. While crossing, certain challenges are encountered such as a chicken eating eagle.

Crossy Road Characters

The characters in Crossy Road run on a normal day on the road or river. They make cute and unique sounds and move freely. Below is a simple list of some of the famous characters of the game.

Chicken. This red headed chicken was originally casted last November 20, 2014. You get to run this chicken during your first game as your starter character. This iconic chicken makes a clucking sound while jumping from obstacles.

Mallard. The green headed Mallard is part of the original cast last November 20, 2014. However, it can only be used when a player wins via gacha. The Mallard is makes a quacking sound throughout the game. This is used to unlock Andy Sum.

Duck. A yellow duck can be used when a player wins via gacha. This duck is quacks with a higher pitch compared to the Mallard.

Poopy Pigeon. This Poopy Pigeon is an original cast of the game and can be used when a player wins via gacha. The main trait of this Pigeon is that it farts every ten seconds and leaves a huge pile of bird droppings on the ground.

Giddy Goat. As part of the casting, this goat makes an alternate sound of a high pitched goat bleat and a grumpy growl.
Fluffy Sheep. A cute, little white sheep that makes a blah sound whenever it jumps.

Black Sheep. When it jumps, it makes a deeper blah sound compared to the Fluffy Sheep.

Cow. When it jumps, makes a moo sound.

Mad Bull. This makes a blah sound but is slightly deeper compared to the Fluffy Sheep.

Notable Cheats
How to Unlock the Hipster Whale
* In order to unlock this, you have to land on it when spotted in the water. You can land on it by jumping on it.
How to Unlock Animals and more coins
* Make a pathway that will lead to lots of coins as quickly as possible.
* Play on a landscape orientation when playing on a gadget, to see have a wider look at the traffic and obstacles.
* Invest at least 100 coins to unlock new characters.

Be Alive for a long time
* In order to avoid getting hit by the airplane, jump fast and quickly as possible if it is approaching towards your direction.

Crossy Road is a simple game, yet needs a lot of patience and dedication. People tend to go back with this game to improve their high scores and boast it on other social media sites. It’s truly one addictive game for all ages, making them hooked all the time anywhere and anytime of the day. Further, the sound effects of the game makes it more interesting and hilarious with all the animal sounds during the course of the game.