Feels like Christmas

** Somehow I lost all of my pictures from Thanksgiving 2009 until December 22, 2009. Ack! **
I am blogging yet again with Piper in my lap. I guess we need our cuddle time. Does this count as multi-tasking?

I am feeling particularly icky tonight. My sinuses started feeling really bad this afternoon and I even started to lose my voice. I am wondering if the worsening symptoms have anything to do with my significantly reduced water intake today. I normally drink at least 1500 ml of water and some sweet tea while I am at work and today I just had a lot of previously undocumented coke. It is the first coke I have had all week and it is only because I did not have time to make more tea this morning before work.

I was really excited when I got home because part of my cyber Monday OpenSky order arrived. Finding a package outside my door makes it feel like my birthday or Christmas. I know what it is but it is still so exciting.

I was able to score on one of their $25 off coupons. Awesome! I have never eaten flax seeds or wheat berries and I can’t wait to give them a try!

For dinner Brian got us takeout from Showmars. He wanted mexican but he let me have my way since I am not feeling so hot.

I got the shrimp plate with a baked potato. I did add butter and sour cream to the potato and I ate about 3/4 of the shrimp. I am saving the coleslaw for Brian because I don’t like it.

I was so hungry that I almost forgot to photograph.

This really filled me up so I am not really planning on any dessert. Instead I ate a clementine trying to get some Vitamin C.

I took like 10 photos and none came out all that clear. Argh.

I am pretty sure that I am going to sign off for the night and try to get plenty of rest. Night!

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