Food Education

I just got done watching Food Inc. OMG. I felt really bad when I saw the little chickies.This movie was really educational for me. I have never really thought much about the production of the meats I eat. In fact, I have just recently understood the value and importance of whole foods in my diet, and I am still working on reducing the amount of processed foods I eat. This movie is definitely going to make me reevaluate the amount and quality of meat that I eat in the future.

Now to today’s eats.

I snacked on some nuts before my morning conference calls.


Lunch was leftover from yesterday.


Brown rice, salmon, cheese, and salsa. Plus…


Tiny pickles, pita chips, and Sabra hummus.

This lunch held me over most of the afternoon, and good thing because things were busy. I ate this apple around 4.


It was so juicy that juice kept running down my hand. Yum!

So today was my first delivery from a local organic produce delivery service, Absolute Organics. I got the idea from Meg and Sarah who live in the Durham area and get produce delivered by Bella Bean Organics. All the produce is organic and they buy local produce whenever possible. Look at what I got!


From their website:

How it Works

We purchase 6-7 different vegetables and 4-5 different fruits each week based on season, availability and price.  Your variety produce box is based on your likes and dislikes.  For example, if on your likes and dislikes list you marked that you do not like cucumbers, you will not receive cucumbers, instead you will receive more of another item that we purchase that week.  Then simply tell us what size variety produce box you would like and how often you want it delivered.  You will receive a well balanced selection of your favorite vegetables and fruits at your door step, tailored to your tastes!  Our aim is the best variety at the best price.  All items are guaranteed.


2 eggplant, 8 red potatoes, 4  pears, 3 tomatoes, a bunch of spinach, 1 yellow onion, 8 clementines, and a big bag of carrots.

I could have gotten some lettuce and apples but I already had some of each and opted to get more of some of the other goodies instead.

I put some of my new produce to use right away.


I sliced one of the potatoes tossed it in olive oils, S&P, and dried rosemary and then roasted at 400* until fork tender.


Plus a wrap with Sabra roasted pine nut hummus, spinach, slice tomato, and a sautéed chicken breast. The are the same tortillas that Heather mentioned in a post earlier today.

I was still a little hungry after dinner so I fixed myself a huge plate of dessert.


1/2 sliced pear, 2 clementines, a piece of Nature’s Pride multigrain toast with PB.

Watching that moving really ate up my evening so now it is time to unplug. I have to try to get in bed earlier tonight so I will get up to workout.

  • Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

    I think I’m the only food blogger that hasn’t seen Food, Inc. However, I am really picky about the source of our meat. My husband and I buy all our beef from a local farm, and it’s all grass-fed finished. We buy organic chicken and wild fish. I do eat meat when I go out, but it’s not always organic. Just try to do my best at home.

    La Tortilla Factory – you know I love it, and I’m jealous of your produce delivery. Citrus fruit is so good right now!

    • Jessie

      The only reason I got to see Food Inc. is because my co-worker rented it. He knows I have a food blog and had the rental for the week and thought I might be interested in checking it out. I definitely think it is going to be hard to change my thought process though and it will definitely be a process to change my food buying behavior.